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With over 25 years in the industry, we are one of the leading buyers of Motorhomes in the UK, with instant settlement up to the value of £50,000. Motorhomes can be great fun, however once you have had a few holidays and the initial novelty has perhaps worn off, the running costs and maintenance can become costly. Trying to sell a motorhome privately can be costly and stressful too. Advertising, days off work for viewings, the endless paperwork and waiting around for the best buyer with the best price can seem to go on forever.

Let us take this stress and worry away. We pay book price for any make and model of Motorhome including European/German makes. We also export Motorhomes so anything is considered from 1994-2018.

There are lots of different makes and models on the market today with different specifications and accessories, we realise each Motorhome and caravan is different, we work closely with a number of caravan traders and industry specialists to make sure you receive the best possible price.

  • Motorhomes
  • Twin axle tourers
  • Single axle tourers
  • Static caravans
  • We not only take unwanted Motorhomes and caravans that are nearly new, we also buy those that have seen better days including:

  • Damaged
  • Damp
  • In storage
  • In need of repair
  • Pending insurance claim
  • Still being financed
  • Do you have a Motorhome or caravan that is in need of repair and just being stored somewhere costing you money every month?
    End these storage costs now by calling in the professionals, we can easily take it off your hands and save you money in the process.

    Do you fear that your caravan is too damp and will not sell?
    Don´t despair. Forget about trying to sell it privately, let us buy it from you in the state it is in today without having to have the repairs fixed beforehand.

    Just inform our team if there is a pending insurance claim because this will affect the valuation. We need to ensure that the repair is going to be carried out by a reputable company and be of the highest quality workmanship otherwise the value of the van will decrease considerably.

    If there is finance still outstanding on your Motorhome or then do not worry, we will easily be able to buy from you and settle the bill at the same time.
    Call Michael today for coverage throughout the UK. Talk to our family run team who can make appointments to come and look at your van within 48hrs.

    Do not hesitate, call us today on 0800 3685 123

    We buy all makes and models of Motorhomes and caravans including well known brands such as…..


    • One of the UK´s leading buyers of new and used Motorhomes
    • We buy Motorhomes, tourers and static caravans of any make and model including European and German makes
    • We cover the whole of the UK, no distance is a problem for us
    • Best prices paid, we stick to guides and we beat any other Motorhome dealers Price
    • No hidden costs, a trouble free sale and disposal


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